How to wear a leopard print skirt?

The trend of animal prints is making a comeback. Various animal prints and patterns are increasingly adorning basic clothing items and accessories. Leopard print is a bright representative of this trend.

The animalistic trend of 2020 is far from being vulgar or extravagant. Now it is presented in a laconic and even strict form. The focus is on restraint, elegance, and moderate shine. Women’s skirts with leopard print are a valuable find for stylish ensembles. They combine original presentation with a certain universality.

How to Wear Leopard Print:

Stylists claim that aversion to “animal prints” in clothing is based on the inability to use such items in everyday and festive outfits. To create a harmonious and coherent look, it is necessary to remember the following:

  1. Pay attention to the material of the item when purchasing. Quality always stands out. Even sloppy tailoring or minor defects can completely ruin the garment, making it unusable. Any outfit will look sloppy.
  2. Such a stylish item will always be a focal point in an ensemble. Like a magnet, it attracts attention to women’s legs, hips, and waist. The quality of the outfit depends on the chosen silhouette. You don’t need to have a perfect figure; it’s enough to choose the right silhouette for your body.
  3. Avoid overdoing the leopard print. When considering women’s skirts, it’s better not to overload the ensemble with other animalistic details. This detail in the outfit is already an ornament and does not require special additions.
  4. Avoid creating a “zoo” in one ensemble. Combining checks, stripes, floral patterns, and ethnic ornaments is simply unacceptable.
  5. Any variation of leopard print goes well with plain simple items. The most organic combinations are with black, white, and gray items.
  6. It’s permissible to use bright colors in the outfit. However, green, red, blue, pink, and other “bold” shades are difficult to match with animal prints. This doesn’t mean you can’t create a cool look; you just need to apply all your knowledge and follow stylist recommendations.
  7. About accessories again. A common mistake many women make is to accessorize leopard-print items with a lot of jewelry. Forget about costume jewelry and cheap plastic imitating animalistic patterns. A good option for any occasion is simple and understated gold jewelry.

Recommended Skirt Length:

In addition to the above rules, it is worth taking care of other nuances. It is very important to find the balance between tastelessness and bohemian chic. In Ukraine and Europe, it is typical to use bright fashionable items not only for solemn occasions but also in everyday life.

When creating a street look with a leopard-print skirt, there is always a risk of making the ensemble too fancy. This is not always appropriate. In many situations, you will feel uncomfortable. Protect yourself from fashion failures by following one simple rule – always choose simple and restrained items.

If you come across a bright item with animalistic prints in a mini version in your favorite online store, don’t rush to reject it. It’s possible to incorporate such a provocative item into an ensemble without looking vulgar. Key recommendations:

  • Use strict monochrome items.
  • Choose moderately fitted turtlenecks, sweaters, and cardigans without decor.
  • It’s preferable to have outerwear in dark colors with a good texture (elongated vests and jackets, oversized cardigans).
  • Avoid flashy accessories and decorations.
  • Suitable footwear includes boots with high shafts and stable heels (taboo: patent surfaces, stilettos, decorative spikes).

The range of demi-season items often includes long skirts. If you happen to find a worthy item, you can create bright evening outfits with minimal accessories. The simpler the dress code at the party, the easier it is to choose a top for such a skirt.

A maxi length is attractive because you are almost completely protected from looking vulgar or plain. The safest option is to pair a long leopard print skirt with a simple black top. The key is not to overdo it with the neckline, otherwise, there is a risk of looking excessively provocative.

For an urban style, you can choose a black jacket and a white top. The skirt with “leopard print” in this case can be both maxi and midi. The “pencil” silhouette with large animalistic patterns looks very impressive. However, mini skirts should be avoided in this case.

Choosing the Right Silhouette: Attention to Detail

When shopping for wholesale items for your new wardrobe for the 2019-2020 season, don’t forget to consider all the peculiarities of your figure. If you’ve found your perfect length, remember the basic rules of selecting clothing according to your silhouette.

Here are the main recommendations:

  • A fitted pencil skirt is suitable only for slim, slender girls;
  • Girls with an hourglass figure can choose any silhouette;
  • Ladies with fuller figures look good in long outfits made of lightweight flowing fabrics (such as chiffon);
  • To camouflage wide hips, a tulip or A-line skirt works well;
  • Volume deficit can be compensated with flared and pleated skirts (the slimmer and taller the girl, the shorter the skirt can be);
  • Any tight-fitting options with a high waistline will accentuate the charms of an hourglass figure (a bold belt will highlight the texture of the ensemble).

Stylish Companions for Leopard Print Skirts

One of the main rules when choosing suitable clothing for a leopard print skirt is moderation. Use high-quality clothing to create stylish looks, remember about proportions and key recommendations, and success is guaranteed.

The most practical option is to pair the skirt with a slightly loose-fitting black or white tank top. Adding a jacket or blazer can “warm up” the ensemble.

A slightly more covered option is a neutral-colored tank top with minimal or no decoration. Simple everyday T-shirts go well with skirts of any length (mini, maxi, or knee-length) and pencil silhouettes.

A maxi model paired with a sweatshirt or sweater looks very impressive. It’s acceptable to use a top with minimal decoration or a small inscription. If the skirt is long, such minimalistic decor will add dynamics to the ensemble without making it look vulgar.

Blouses and shirts look good with straight-cut items. You can achieve a neutral look by neatly tucking a loose blouse of a dark color into a midi skirt. For warmer ensembles, an oversized cardigan or denim jacket is suitable.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with “predatory” outfits. With a little practice, you’ll be able to stylishly incorporate a bold item into any ensemble.

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